CNMA Members Participate in Focus Group

On Saturday, February 4, several CNMA members accepted our invitation to participate in a focus group session.  They shared their ideas regarding what they like about CNMA, what we might do to better serve and engage our members, and ways to gain greater visibility in the community and attract more members to join us in our mission to support the Monument.  We got a lot of great suggestions!  Over the next few months, we will be reviewing what we heard and taking action.  Here are just a few of the ideas our members shared:

  • Provide more “behind the scenes” experiences in the Monument that are either exclusive to members or at no cost while nonmembers pay.
  • Ask CNMA members to help with special projects – if we ask and provide opportunities that connect them to the Monument, touch on a particular interest, and help advance our mission, they will come.
  • Go out into the local community, especially to service organizations, to increase our visibility. CNMA provides needed funding for programs at the Monument, but most Grand Valley residents don’t know we exist as a separate entity from the Monument.  Greater visibility will help boost our membership rolls and allow us to better help the Monument.
  • Provide more news in the newsletter.  Keep it short, with links to longer articles about the Monument and CNMA.

We have a few articles lined up for future newsletters, but if you have any suggestions for topics or would like to contribute a story, please email

Thanks again to the CNMA members who attended the focus group and gave us so many great ideas.