Every Fourth of July, John Otto and Independence Monument


It’s coming!    The most feted day at Colorado National Monument. The most quoted,

Your True Nature Advice from a Monolith

Your True Nature Advice from a Monolith

iconic, traditional custom in the oral and written history of the founding of

Colorado National Monument and rock-climbing, including these key themes:

The Fourth of July

Independence Day

John Otto

Flag Raising

In the words of Karla Tanner, Chief of Interpretation at Colorado National Monument:

Continuing a tradition monument founder John Otto began in 1911, Mesa County’s Technical Search and Rescue Team will climb Independence Monument on Independence Day to raise the American flag. Team members anticipate reaching the summit between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


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“…John Otto, founder and first superintendent of Colorado National Monument, climbed Independence Monument in cowboy boots. Staunchly patriotic, he posted an American flag for Independence Day.  This custom is carried out each Fourth of July.” (Interpretive message reverse side of bookmark)