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“Heart of the World” Premiere
“This event will make all of us who reside in this state proud to do so.”
Message from CNMA member
Premiere Clarification:

The recently sent flier describing the “Heart of the World”  as “A cinematic 3-hour documentary series that celebrates the centennial of the National Park Service.”  Some interpreted this as meaning the premiere is three hours long.  We will only be showing episode three and clips from the other two episodes so running time will be less than one and a half hours.  Sorry for the confusion.

Tickets Are Selling Quickly
For those of you who missed the flier, here are the basic details and ticket information:
  • Friday, March 25th, Avalon Theater, 7:30 PM, doors open at 7:00
  • Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door
  • Advance tickets available for purchase on the CNMA website, Rim Rock Shop
  • Proceeds benefit CNMA
  • Presented in conjunction with Rocky Mountain PBS and  GJ Visitor and Convention Bureau

Member VIP Special Event

Ticket holder members are invited to a special reception to meet Chris Wheeler, the producer and director, 6:007:00.  We will have appetizers and wine or beer available, with special member reserved seating.

If you are not a member or have let your membership lapse, you may rejoin or join online at the Rim Rock Shop or at the event.
Questions? Call 858-3617, ext. 360 or Marilee, 216-4596