Hello from Atlanta

Hello from Atlanta where the buyer, manager and executive director of Colorado National Monument Association are meeting with hundreds of other like-minded non-profit professionals to bring you the best in customer service, memorable products and best public lands partnership practices.

Does that sound like a mouthful?  It is.  Instead, let’s just say hello from APPL.  APPL is an acronym for Association of Partners for Public Lands. That is precisely what Colorado National Monument Association is; the partner of the 25th unit of the National Park Service, Colorado National Monument.

Did you know there are over 400 units of the National Park Service?

Did you know there are more than 80 associations who come alongside and partner with the educational programs and research at National Park sites, raising funds through retail sales and memberships?

Together, we help visitors make a memory of a lifetime.  Through our retail bookstores we encourage those visitors to take home a tangible object of their experience. Take a mug, not a rock; a book, not a plant; a wildlife photo, not a trophy. Buy a T-shirt to announce proudly where you have been – and to support your National Parks.

So here we are in Atlanta, finding out what is new and innovative. Last year we came back having designed our custom Advice From a Monolith bookmark and magnet to complement the popular Advice From Nature series.  What will it be this year? We can hardly wait to see.