Monument Brand Peach Jam

What’s new, delicious, sells like hotcakes, tastes great on hotcakes, is part of the history of the environs of Colorado National Monument and has a beautiful vintage label featuring Colorado National Monument? COLORADO NATIONAL MONUMENT PEACH JAM!

Monument Brand Peach Jam is a reminder of when Redlands farmers grew fruit in the shadow of Colorado National Monument and CCC enrollees ate canned food three meals a day. Yes, canned food of all types was brought in by truck to feed the road builders of Rim Rock Drive.

Peaches play such an important part in the history of Colorado National Monument. When President Taft visited the area on John Otto’s urging, he met the Palisade Peach Queen and was presented bushels of Grand Valley fruit. You can read this lore in Images of America Colorado National Monument by Alan Kania. You can purchase and enjoy Colorado Monument Peach Jam at the visitor center bookstore.