Reading the fine print on a Chico bag

If you are interested in all things good for the environment – if you make a habit of carrying your reusable shopping bags on grocery runs – you have doubtless run across ChicoBags in all their many styles.

Colorado National Monument Association bookstore is pleased to carry reusable Chico bags in three styles; bottle sling, travel pack, and grocery bag.

New for 2015 is the Colorado National Monument logo on the ChicoBag bottle sling. If you walk, hike or know someone who does, you will want one of these handsome slings in gray and lime green.

Colorado National Monument logo bottle sling from ChicoBags

Colorado National Monument logo bottle sling from ChicoBags

Before you lace on your hiking shoes and take off into the great outdoors, take a moment to read the fine print on your new accessory!

“Since 2004, the ChicoBag Company has been helping humanity REDUCE and REUSE with our unforgettable line of reusable bags.  We designed our Bottle Sling to help make your reusable bottle unforgettable too!”

The black trimmed gray and lime Chico bottle sling:

  • accommodates 12 oz to 40 oz bottles
  • made of  durable recycled PET
  • strap pockets for pen or chopsticks and lip balm
  • pouch for phone, ID and essentials
  • stuffs into pouch when not in use
  • washable in cold water, no fabric softener, hang to dry

Chico is a vender who cares.  Says the hangtag on our popular rePETe Travel Pack, “Our mission is to inspire humanity to adopt a healthy reusable bag habit by making it easy for people to say no to single-use bags – not just sometimes, but every time!  We care about offering effective solutions to better your life and our world!”